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You know those t-shirts nerds wear that say, “No I won’t fix your computer.” Well, let this blog serve as my virtual t-shirt that says, “No, I won’t blog for you.” After blogging for other people in several different capacities for the last few years, I’m taking my ball and going home – into my own world of frivolous, inconsequential musings that will entertain no one but myself.

I plan to talk about economics, libertarianism, cycling, my training, my racing, good music, good TV, books, and whatever else I feel like typing. Some of it might be interesting to you. Some of it won’t. I think my material covers such a broad spectrum that at least one post a year will catch your fancy. And that’s my goal. One million posts for me, one post for you.

Why Economic Cycles you ask? Because I love economics and I love cycling. When combined they create a word combination that suggests a focus mostly on the economics and less on the cycling. In reality, I predict I’ll be writing a lot more about cycling than economics, but who knows. Additionally, expect a lot of bullshitting too. Yeah, lots of that.


Written by jlongo12

November 29, 2010 at 4:36 am

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