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New Cycling Videos Round-up

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I’m going to run down some of the new and awesome cycling videos I’ve found online.

If you love cycling and all the big personalities that come with it (Cippo anyone?), then you’re probably a fan of the King himself, Ted King. I keep up with Mr. IamTedKing on his blog. It’s one of the most fun cycling blogs out there. Not only does Ted seem like a super fun dude to hang out with, he’s also a huge fan of one of my all-time favorite movies – Dumb and Dumber. I think we’d have a blast riding together. Me in zone 5, him in zone 1. That being said, here’s a fun video of Ted and a couple friends riding “200 on 100.” Meaning they rode from one end of Vermont all the way to the other on Rt. 100. It ends up being a little more than 200 miles in the end, but it seems like the guys had a great time. Next time invite me guys!

Next up is a fun hour long documentary on one of my favorite riders Andy Schleck. This video follows Andy from his off season to this year’s Tour as he prepares to win it all. It’s a really well done documentary with tons of behind the scenes footage. I never really like the idea of being a professional cyclist until I see footage of their off season training camps. It all looks so fun. Anyways, if you’ve got a spare hour, I’d suggest checking this flick out.

Despite having ridiculously expensive clothing, Rapha is pretty darn cool. At least that’s what you kinda believe after watching some of their films on Vimeo. They do a great job making professional cycling videos, all around 3 or 4 minutes long. You could spend hours looking through their discography. But I’ll highlight just one rather timely video they’ve done. The Rapha guys are pre-riding the whole US Pro Cycling Challenge stage race, aka Tour of Colorado. Stage 2’s video is my favorite so far. Check it out here.

Talk about “only in Boulder.” Where else in the country could a business take off that provides recovery services for endurance athletes?? Check this place out. It’s called All Sports Recovery and it provides the whole recovery shebang. Space legs, massage, chiropractic, ice baths, smoothies, espresso, cold laser, etc etc. It’s nuts! Only in Boulder. Really.

Ah, this embed code for the Boulder recovery video won’t work. Check out the video here.


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August 10, 2011 at 11:17 am

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