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Thinking About Dead Dog

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I’ve been thinking about what my goals are going into my first race of the season this weekend – the 2 day, 3 stage Dead Dog Classic up in Wyoming. First and foremost, my goal is to gain fitness. I need this little stage race to build towards some of my results-oriented goals at the end of the season. So I guess you could say that Dead Dog is one way to get some good, hard TSS in my legs. Secondly, I want to help our team as best as I can. I want to show my teammates that I can be on the front, off the front, setting the pace on a climb, attacking in a crit, or whatever they need from me to help the team get the W. Since I haven’t raced yet this year, I need to prove this to them. It’s only fair as I want and need their help later on in the year for my personal goals like Rist Canyon and the Steamboat Springs Stage Race. Sunday’s 10 mile TT will allow me to get some  20 odd minutes going my absolute hardest. It will be great threshold work, which just so happens to be the training block I’m in right now.

In sum, I guess you could say that my number one goal going into this race is tough miles. I want to look back on this race and know the TSS I got was from suffering my brains out. The best case scenario is that I gain a big TSS through helping my team get the W. I hope I have the legs to help.


Written by jlongo12

June 23, 2011 at 7:33 pm

Posted in cycling

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