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First Long Ride Back

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So far so good. I am continuing to chill on the couch and attempt to recover from over 5 hours today in the saddle. With just a tiny fraction of reservation, I decided that today was the day to give my first long ride a go. Until today, my longest rides were around 3 hours. Today I wanted to hit 5 hours. And that’s just what I did thanks to Jordo and Lucas. We met up at the Bucks in Golden and headed up Lookout. I think I set a personal best but I’m not sure. My legs felt really good and I pushed it, hitting around 270 watts the whole way up. I probably finished in around 22 minutes, but I’m not exactly sure. Either way, it felt great. Then we headed up through Mount Vernon, took I-70 into Evergreen, made our way through the horse and car infested roads, climbed Parmalee Gulch, climbed City View in reverse via Tiny Town, and descended High Grade. The poor suckers climbing High Grade were suffering in misery as they climbed against a formidable head wind. From there we went home on the roads rather than the path. I stopped off at the Bang Starbucks for a quick espresso and blueberry muffin. When it was all said and done, I did over 90 miles, with 7,000 feet of climbing  in over 5 hours.

And the best thing is… no knee pain. Although it was definitely on the cusp towards the end there. I could feel my knee cap drifting further and further from its groove. It kept getting suctioned off to the side every time I would extend my leg. I iced and stretched as soon as I got home. So much so, I didn’t eat for over and hour. Ah well.

Bottom line: it was a great day and another great confidence builder. I should be in good enough shape to help my team at Dead Dog next weekend. Yay!


Written by jlongo12

June 18, 2011 at 8:39 pm

Posted in cycling

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