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Ruling Class Priorities

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As illuminated by the great Glenn Greenwald, “how can any politicians be taken seriously when they claim that Terrorism is some sort of grave threat meriting multiple wars and civil liberties abridgments — homegrown Terrorism and sleeper cells and all that — while they simultaneously demand that scarce FBI and DOJ resources be devoted to adult porn and online poker?


To believe that the corporate warfare state is needed to protect us from terrorism – the same terrorism that poses less danger to us than our own police – is laughable. Proving the point is our DOJ and FBI cases against porn and online gambling. When right wing do-gooders get together with nanny-state leftists, the result is a horrible concoction of authoritarianism that should make any free person cringe.


Written by jlongo12

April 19, 2011 at 1:14 pm

Posted in libertarianism

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