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A Much Kneeded Update

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Here’s a little update on my knee issues. For one, the problem is by no means solved. But I’ve managed to sort of stall it from getting any worse. The upside is that I have not experienced the sort of pain I got the very first time my knee acted up a few Saturdays ago. The pain I’ve been getting when crossing the two hour threshold has been more agitation and soreness than the sharp biting pain I initially had. Another plus is that I can do short 1 hour and 1.5 hour interval sessions. The problem is initiated because of duration, and as long as I keep my duration down, I don’t get any pain. As before, I experience no pain whatsoever from normal day to day activities, only from longer duration on my bike.

The downsides however, are plenty. When I get past the 90 minute mark and edge closer to two hours, I start to feel the twinge in my knee cap. That basically signifies 48 hours of impending soreness. Once the knee starts to get agitated, it remains sore the rest of the day and into the following day. It really sucks. And the strange thing is, the pain is worse later on in the day when my leg is bent in a 90 degree position for extended periods of time – like people do when they are sitting down eating dinner – than immediately after my ride is finished. The following day it feels sore, like someone hit me in my upper knee cap the day before. It’s not horrible pain or anything, and I am able to (and I have) ride through it, but it’s really annoying and not to mention, probably not a good idea for my long-term health.

What it comes down to is that someone who really enjoyed long days in the saddle is now reduced to 1.5 hour sessions at a time. My days of 5 and 6 hour rides are over, at least for now. That in and of itself is really depressing. Not to mention my forced limited participation in the team’s training camp this weekend.

Bottom line: I’m continuing my stretching routine, mostly twice a day, with a focus on my IT band. Additionally, I’m icing my knee at night. I have spoken to a few more people and I have reason to believe that what I have is some form of tendinitis. If that’s the case, it may be something more permanent that I thought, and I’ll have to learn how to mitigate the pain and deal with it.



Written by jlongo12

March 14, 2011 at 9:07 pm

Posted in cycling

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