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Fantasy Cycling is Fun

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Podium Cafe is a pretty cool site. They offer a fantasy pro cycling league that they call “Virtual Directeur Sportif.” I played last year with little success. I think my team ended up being middle of the pack. This year I have higher hopes for my team. The trick to doing well in this fantasy cycling challenge is much like any other fantasy sports league: figure out which players (riders) are undervalued. For example, last year if you were to have gotten Peter Sagan, you would have done quite well. He was a virtual unknown and the cost of obtaining him was extremely small, while his win totals and accumulated points by the end of the season were extremely large.

In addition to injuries, fantasy cycling faces a challenge unlike in any other fantasy sports league: doping. Because of the prevalence of doping in our sport, riders are frequently getting caught and serving suspensions. Often times, these are high profile, winning cyclists. The kind you might have spent lots of points getting. This is a major pitfall to be avoided. You’ve got to select your riders carefully. Choose riders who can win, but are at a lower risk of getting caught for doping. (Lance would have been the ultimate fantasy cycling rider as he won the biggest event of the year and had nearly a 0% chance of getting nailed for doping).

When looking at my team, you can see the riders at the lower cost end of the spectrum as the riders I believe will have breakout seasons (relatively speaking of course). I took a chance on Peter Stetina – a hometown favorite, Jack Bobridge, Cameron Meyer, Danilo Napolitano, Paolo Tiralongo (love that last name), Juan Jose Cobo, David De La Fuente, and Daniel Oss. A couple of those guys are not neo-pros, but they certainly don’t have a rich history of winning. I think Daniel Oss has the best chance of getting me big points for little cost. Thus, he cost a couple points more than the other guys.

Another rider who I think was undervalued this year was Robert Gesink. I didn’t believe in him at all before the start of last season, but now I’ll admit I’m a believer. And so far, he is making me look good with his win at the Tour of Oman. I think he’ll do great things this year, especially at one of the grand tours. That means big time points. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that he can keep his crashing to a minimum.

Let the drum roll being…. Here is my team for the 2011 season:


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March 4, 2011 at 1:14 pm

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