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Lance (the Nelson) > Me

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This weekend was very productive. I had no idea how I’d feel going into Worlds. Would I still feel some residual fatigue in my legs from the voluminous NM training camp? Superficially, I have to admit I felt pretty good going into the weekend. I took Monday through Wednesday completely off the bike. Got a massage on Wednesday. Then spun it nice and easy on the trainer before work Thursday and Friday. A good solid rest week for sure.

Thankfully, I was fairly refreshed when I got on my bike at 7:45am Saturday morning to head down to Bang. We had a pretty good turnout at the Bucks, with about a dozen or so guys ready to head down to the start of Worlds. We were smacked with wind as we made our way down to Deer Creek. It was really howling. After having dealt with 4 days of monster wind in New Mexico, I felt right at home. We met up with everyone by 10 at the mouth of Deer Creek and we rolled out into a strong head/cross wind. Nick was there, so I knew he’d animate the race with some suicidal attacks into the wind. Sure enough, he made a bunch of moves into the wind, but nothing stuck. I surged a bunch with some of the moves in order to keep my position and try to stay out of the wind. I think I did a pretty good job of staying hidden in the bunch. As we made our way towards the climb, I found myself in good position on that long stretch of uphill before Roxborough. I was sort of on the front, on the left side as we climbed up and up before the downhill into Roxborough. I was in a really good rhythm, pushing around 300 rather comfortably. I felt so locked in, I made no attempt to get off the front and out of the wind. I just went with it. Hindsight, this might have been a bad idea, but it felt right at the time.

I recovered as best I could on the downhill into the right turn onto the climb. For the first time this year, a car was attempting to hit the climb at the same time we were. It honked, noticeably frustrated with seeing 15 or so spandex clad guys hammering cross-eyed with their tongues out. However, this was no time to be courteous, this was all out war. I made it to the bottom of the climb in the front group with Nick, Hanna, and a couple others ahead of me killing it. All of the sudden, Lance (the Nelson) came by me. What a bastard. That’s not supposed to happen. He’s a super fit strong man, not a little climber. All I could do was struggle the rest of the way up. I think I got 6th or something. It was difficult to tell because a car was trying to make its way through the finish while we were. In any case, it was a great finish.

Inevitably, I was blown out the back halfway through the race back to Chatfield. This is a weakness. I find that I have only 4 or 5 good surges in my legs after all the effort I make on the first half of the race up the climb. So I use them up keeping my position on the big rollers coming back to Chatfield. After those rollers we make a right turn and it’s there where I really struggle to stay with the bunch. If I can manage to hang on after the surge coming out of the turn, I usually get popped when we make the left onto the road going into the park. I’ve only been able to hang the entire time back once this whole year. I realize that if I didn’t try at all on the way out to Roxborough, hanging onto the bunch to Chatfield wouldn’t be a problem. But I’m not going to do that. I need to be able to do both at full speed. I need to improve this weakness.

After regrouping at the base of Deer Creek, a bunch of us decided to climb High Grade. This was difficult. We battled a headwind basically the entire 11 miles up Deer Creek. Ouch. Regardless, Jordo and Bachik killed it on upper part of High Grade. We decided to just turn around at the top and head down the way we came. The descent was super fast thanks to the tailwind. I don’t think I’ve ever had to break so much coming down High Grade like that. We backtracked our way up to Denver and Bachick, Cameron, and I hit up a really awesome sandwich shop on 6th ave. called Mr. Lucky’s Sandwiches. Soooo good.

Saturday finally ended up being 6 hours and 102 miles. I realized after going through the data last night that I set several new records. First, I set a new KJ record at 3,543 total KJs, and for the first time ever I did 700 KJs per hour. I also set a new TSS record at 336. Additionally, I set new average power records from 1 hour 45 minutes all the way out to 4 hours. I did 202 watts for an hour 45 minutes and 184 watts for 4 hours. It’s always nice setting new power records, even though these are long term averages. It means I did a lot of work out in the wind for a very long time. Which explains the high TSS and KJs.

In other news, Bailey showed the world how much of a beast he is by getting 2nd overall at the Callville Bay Classic stage race out in Nevada. How’d he get 2nd overall after 4 days of racing against Cat 2’s? Well, he won the 80 mile road race stage yesterday. In typical hardman Bailey style, he solo’d the last 15 miles for the victory. He finished around a minute ahead of the field. Sick. This was after he got 6th in the TT the day before. That all equals a solid 2nd overall finish in the race. Great work Brian! We are all super pumped for you.


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February 27, 2011 at 7:37 pm

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