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I Got Knee Cap’d

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I’ve been on a little bit of a break the past week; ever since I pushed the limits of fatigue in my tiny little toothpick legs. By break, I don’t mean time completely off the bike, I mean a few days of full rest followed by some trainer time. I took Monday and Tuesday off and then spun zone 1 on Wednesday before starting my TEMPO intervals back up again on Thursday. My legs feel fully re-charged but my knee is throbbing at the moment. Let me explain.

Since the weather has been complete garbage here the past week, Worlds was canceled this morning. Instead, Bailey and I headed over to Jordo’s house for some group trainer time. I wanted to do 2.5 hours with a 2 x 20min, 1 x 15min TEMPO work. Unfortunately, after completing my second block of 20min at TEMPO, I hopped off my bike and grabbed a Cliff bar. I tried to jump back on quickly, as to not let my legs settle for too long. In the process of jumping back on, I swing my leg over the top tube and unknowingly, swung my knee cap straight into the corner of the basement wall. Pointy corner, meet my knee cap. OUCH.

This was painful for two distinct reasons. One, my legs were not recovered from my last 20 min effort and needed to be spun out badly. Second, my knee cap was in agonizing pain. I tried to limp around and walk it off, but that wasn’t as effective as simply sitting on the stairs holding it while it throbbed. It was a really strange pain too. Not a sharp pain, but more of a nauseating, queasy pain feeling. It’s something I’ve never felt before. I attempted to get back on my bike and spin it out, but my knee cap was having none of it. Every pedal stroke agitated it. My day was done.

On the bright side, at least it happened after my second 20min effort. Not a complete waste of a day. Hopefully I will be fully recovered for tomorrow’s trainer session at Joe’s new house. I am really looking forward to seeing his new digs and watching a flick.


Written by jlongo12

February 5, 2011 at 2:29 pm

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  1. […] on my mind. I’ve been stressing, nervous, bummed, and scared about my right knee. Yeah, I bonked the hell out of it a few weeks ago at Jordo’s house, but it has nothing to do with that. Let me see if I can […]

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