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Holy TSS Batman!

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Last weekend saw me put in more work in two days than I’ve done all year. Yeah, I’ve done 9 hour weekends before, but this 9 hour weekend was particularly difficult due to the amount of intensity I did. All told, I did 300 TSS on Saturday and 250 TSS on Sunday. I understand that “TSS” means nothing to you if you don’t have and use WKO+, but let me put it this way: it  stands for “training stress score” and 550 in two days is a shitload. (Basically, TSS is a way to quantify how much work you’ve done on the bike with a number). That being said, I never fully recovered from my tough weekend. I went ahead and did my workouts on Tuesday and Thursday with fatigued legs. By the time this Saturday rolled around, my legs were still tired and fatigued.

Despite the sorry state my legs were in, I had a lot of good things going for me. For one, the weather was going to be in the mid 60s and High Grade was clear and ready to be shredded. Secondly, Brika’s Mom was in town and the two of them were going to be knocking out a bunch of wedding stuff together both Saturday and Sunday. You know what that means? HALL PASS! I had a two-day hall pass officially signed by the principal. Tired legs or not, I was gonna ride my ass of this weekend.

Sure enough, yesterday’s Worlds was the most difficult for me yet. It was like trying to race at half strength. I still managed to stay at and sometimes on the front, but could not manage to get in the right breakaway that stuck. I finished somewhere around 10th or 13th or something like that. Nothing spectacular. The strange thing was that I ended up doing over 1,000 watts at some point during Worlds, and held 900 for like 10 seconds. It must have been when I was trying to make a split or cause a split in the field. Still not sure how I managed that with two lumps of dough for legs. Anyways, we headed up High Grade after Worlds and it was every bit as painful as I imagined. I went along at my own pace, vividly aware that anything over 220 was unreasonable pain. I climbed somewhere between high zone 2 and low zone 3 with a touch of zone embarrassment thrown in for good measure. Nevertheless, I wasn’t all that slow compared to everyone else and I really enjoyed the warm weather and the beautiful blue skies. You really get to take in Colorado’s beauty when you’re not going full bore and suffering. We got to the top of High Grade and Applebottom and I convinced the others to take Highway 73 and 74 home. I think it was a decision they’d eventually regret.

We battled nasty head and cross winds all the way up 73 and down 74. It was sort of this catch 22. The wind was chaffing my face off, but it was really too warm to break out the steez like I normally would. I decided to just suck it up, get some red face, and keep the steez off. In the end I finished the day with 103 miles in 5 hrs 40 min and a whopping TSS of 336! Wow. If I can manage doing that much work on a day with tired legs, I am farther ahead that I ever realized. It means I don’t need to be fresh as a daisy to throw down. Sweet!

Today was my free-flowing spin around, drink coffee, and day dream day. I wanted to get out, enjoy the scenery, and make many stops with delicious consequences. I met Brika and her Mom at the Rooster and Moon cafe on Bannok. We love that place. I had an Americano and a PBOB – oatmeal with peanut butter, bananas, brown sugar, and some honey. Dee-lish. I then headed down to Wash Park and spun around. I struck up a conversation with a guy who just joined a team for the first time and was planning on starting to race a bit this year. We chatted it up for awhile then parted ways. I headed down to Cherry Hills and did the reverse Quincy loop. I hit the team Starbucks on the way back for some good old newspaper reading and a blueberry coffee cake. On my way back home I ran into Brika and her Mom again – this time unintentionally. I caught up with them at Generous Servings on 32nd Ave. We chatted a bit and then they had to leave for the airport.

It was real fun today. I left the house this morning around 10:30 and didn’t get back until almost 4pm. But I did a lot more messing around than riding. (For perspective on the whole TSS thing, I did around 100 TSS today). It was a great way to cap off a few solid weeks of work. Now I’m going to take some much needed rest days.



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January 30, 2011 at 6:42 pm

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