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Worlds, Take 2

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Before I do a little race recap from today, I want to thank my teammates for the encouragement and support they’ve given me. I have been riding with a core group of Primal guys for a year now, even rooming with a couple of them for the Steamboat stage race last year. They are good guys and good friends. There is no better indication of this than the support they give to each other and myself. In cycling there tends to be a lot of big heads – stuck up – cockyness and very little inter-category mingling. People who have long since left the 4’s forget what it’s like to be just starting out and clueless half the time. They forget what it’s like to be struggling at the back. At least that’s the way they make it seem. A good word for it would be “snobbery.” Anyways, my teammates at Primal are the complete opposite of that. I have felt nothing but support – even before officially joining the team this off season. Jordo, Hanna, Bailey, Cameron, Welker, Rosie, and whomever else I’m missing have been invaluable for my development into a better rider. Their encouragement and pointers have made me stronger each week. I am thankful to have such great dudes as teammates and friends.

Ok, enough of that sappy shit.

Today I woke up to warm weather and blistering winds. It was like the Hugo road race all over again. Normally I would be pissed, but my mentality these days is to embrace the wind and learn from it. It is my number 1 limiter for sure. As we made our way down to Deer Creek for the start of Worlds, I found myself on the front much of the time with Jordo. This was fine by me. My legs felt really good. (Sidenote: Brika and carbed it up last night at Udi’s. We had a ton of hummus and bread and sweat potato friends. Yum!)

As soon as we departed for the race to begin, I made sure to once again be at the front but not on the front. There were a few more people in the group today. One of the newcomers was a super strong Garmin U-23 rider Gregory Daniel and a Specialized U-23 rider Dean Haas. I would guess that it took Applebottom about 3 miles before he decided to attack the bunch and ride off solo. As soon as he went and the pace didn’t pick up, I figured he had a chance. When we made the left hand turn, the pace picked up and we hit the hill hard. I made quite an effort to stay at the front this time. When we turned right we made another big effort. My legs were okay but my lungs were feeling it. The rollers came and the pace was upped again. This time by Bachik. He put in a monster pull and then Truman took over and put in some work. I was really feeling it now. Compared to last week, these efforts of 350W had me out of breath and hurting. Coming into the final down hill towards Roxborough, I knew two things: 1. Applebottom already won. 2. I am hurting! Keeping up at the front was difficult this time, not because my fitness was lacking but because the pace was much higher going into the climb.

As soon as we made the right hand turn onto the base of climb Jordo took off. I stood up and started hammering. I noticed Gregory Daniel just take off like he was shot out of a cannon. Kid is fast. At this point I’m pleased that I made it to the base of the climb in the front group with the elites. There were around 6 or 7 of us: Hanna, Jordo, Gregory Daniel, Dean Haas, Cameron, and me. There could have been 1 other person but I can’t recall. So…. seeing Jordo take off and then look like he was standing still from the bullet that is Gregory Daniel, I gave it everything I had and started stomping on the pedals. Unfortunately, this time I didn’t have the adrenaline from attacking like I had last week. Regardless I was doing well. I was only behind G. Daniel and Jordo at this point. I passed Dean Haas who, towards the top of the climb passed me. I made my way to the top, gasping and hurting, and mostly in 4th place. Dean Haas passed me as we reached the top, so I ended up 5th. The finishing order was Bailey, G. Daniel, Jordo, Dean Haas, then me. Top 5. I’ll take it considering my company.

We got word that it was snowing on High Grade so we went home via Willow Springs. Not doing High Grade was a huge bummer. Ah well. We fought the wind all the way home. I broke off from the group to go home on Garrison Rd. and got blown around quite a bit.

I still hate the wind.

Finished the day with my best work rate of the year. My numbers weren’t quite as good as they were last week, but still very good for me. I did 277 watts for 30 min and ended the ride with 209W normalized for 4 hours 45 minutes. Awesome!


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January 22, 2011 at 3:00 pm

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