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Does It Get Much Better Than This?

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My goal going into both the week of Christmas and New Years was to take 1 day off from work each week to ride. Why? Because both holidays ended up falling on a Saturday resulting in a weak ass break from work. I took last Thursday off to ride with Coach Hanna, and for this week I took off today to finally feed my Grapevine craving. I’ve had Grapevine on the brain for weeks now and I had to scratch that itch – or it was going to kill me. I met up with Hanna and BW at Starbucks in Golden with the intention of riding Lookout with them. The three of us ended up running into Bachick, Applebottom, and Welker on Lookout too. After riding a mild TEMPO pace up Lookout, we re-grouped and discussed where we all intended on heading. I had just one thing on my mind: GRAPEVINE. Of course no one wanted to accompany me to Grapevine, which was fine by me, I needed no one else to have fun climbing my favorite climb in Colorado. Off I went to hit Red Rocks, then climb Hwy 74 to Grapevine. I hate to sound like a broken record but Grapevine lived up to the billing. Each and every time I ride this climb I’m in heaven. There were no clouds at all in the sky and the sun was shining. I danced my way up Grapevine to the first overlook on the right hand side. The view was breathtaking. I climbed further still to begin the dirt section. Dirt freaking rules. It was nicely packed and had few patches of corduroy. I crested the top, popped a gel and bar, and was on my way down again. I took a look at Shingle, then looked at my clock and decided it was prudent I continue to Bang so I could have my much needed Americano and Wall Street Journal. Sorry Shingle. I’ll hit you up later.

I bombed down Rt. 40 and into Golden and then onto the Cherry Creek path. When I finally arrived at Bang I was starving for that sweet sustenance only an Americano can deliver. I indulged a little and got a grande instead of my usual tall. It was perfect. I grabbed the Journal from the shelf and read my heart away while sipping on pure joy. After an hour or so of reading I headed home. The weather was stellar. I even took my gloves off for most of the ride home.

Here’s another joy of cycling: riding bare-handed while wearing winter gear. So Euro.

I arrived home with 71 miles, 5,000 feet of climbing, and 2,600 KJs in 4.25 hours. I could not have asked for a better ride or a better day. When I got home I realized that a Fulham game recorded while I was out. SCORE! I sat down with a gigantic smile on my face and watched my favorite team stomp Stoke City. A much needed win indeed.

In sum: I rode my favorite climb, went to my favorite coffee shop, drank my favorite Americano, read my favorite newspaper, and watched my favorite team while wearing my favorite robe. It doesn’t get much better than this does it? Life is good.


Written by jlongo12

December 28, 2010 at 7:29 pm

Posted in cycling

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  1. DELICIOUS MY FRIEND! Wish I could been there…


    December 28, 2010 at 8:44 pm

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