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“Your government cannot protect your property by stealing half of it first.” (For us in the United States, it might be more like 40%, not half).

“It cannot protect your money by forcing you to use a currency it counterfeits at will.” (The Federal Reserve).

-from Stefan Molyneux’s video, the Story of Your Unenslavement. I’m not too crazy about his conclusion, as is typical for Stefan it focuses entirely too much on child rearing, but I couldn’t get away from those two quotes. How incredibly succinct he made two complicated ideas. The video as a whole is definitely not one of his better ones. But…

The first quote touches on what originally troubled me about minarchism. The contradiction (as Walter Block puts it, a “rights violating rights protector”) really jumped out at me as I first read Bastiat’s “The Law” long ago. It made me question the idea of a government at all. Which of course led me down the path to market anarchism via Murray Rothbard, Hans Hoppe, David Friendman, Bob Murphy, etc.


Written by jlongo12

December 27, 2010 at 4:19 pm

Posted in libertarianism

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