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A Zone 2 Christmas!

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Ohhhh the holidays. What’s not to love? Family, friends, presents, and loads of time off to put in some serious work on the bike.

The Thursday before Christmas I took off to do some riding and take Briks out for a movie. I rode in the morning with Coach Hanna. We decided to hit up a couple Boettcher repeats. We didn’t take it too hard, just easy TEMPO riding for me. We ended up doing two full repeats, so I clocked around an hour and change in my zone 3. I got home much earlier than I anticipated, so instead of seeing the later showing of Black Swan, Briks and I got to go earlier and see True Grit. And let me tell you: TRUE AWESOME. The script was unbelievable. The acting was top notch. Jeff Bridges and the brand new girl, Hailee Steinfeld you’ll be hearing much more about in the future, were phenomenal. Highly highly recommend it. You really can’t go wrong with the Coen brothers can you?

Friday was our Christmas Eve team ride, and luckily for me, we met up in Golden at 10 so I got to sleep in. This time it was me, Hanna, Jordo, and Brad Swenson. We headed towards Morrison via Heritage Square, and took Rt. 8 towards Deer Creek Canyon. When we got to Deer Creek, Hanna broke off and the 3 of us took a little detour for the Grizzly climb – up and over to Valley Road. We cut through Chatfield to get to the path and took that sucker straight up to REI. Jordo and I did an hour straight of zone 2 on the stupid path. Jordo was in heaven. I was just kinda bored. But I know that type of non-stop zone 2 is exactly what the doctor ordered for this time of year. It ended up being a shorter day – only 3.5 hours. But a damn good ride for Christmas Eve.

Saturday, Christmas Day I rested. Like little schoolchildren, Briks and I woke up at 7:45 and began our first ever Christmas together. We went straight for the stockings and watched each other open them up. It was awesome we even had stockings. My parents sent them along with the gifts, and I really didn’t think much of it until Christmas Day. They were a hit! We got some awesome Trader Joe’s food! And that rules because there is still no Trader Joe’s in the state! BOOO. Then we had the amazing quiche she made, along with some cuties and coffee. After that it was the pièce de résistance: the presents! What a Christmas. We both spoiled each other, along with the spoiling our families gave us. I can’t even go into all the presents we got, but let me say that I am extremely fortunate to have the parents I have, the future in-laws I have, and wonderful fiancee I have. It all came together beautifully this year for our first holiday season away from the East Coast.

And now we’re at today. Instructions were to meet at Bang at 8:30, which entails me getting up at 6:45am, per the usual. I could barely sleep last night for some reason so getting up that early was no big deal. When I finally headed out the door at 7:45, my Garmin decided to run a software update when I turned it on. Needless to say, I lost the first 3 or 4 miles of my ride as it was figuring itself out. I somehow got to Bang early – per the usual – and tried to piece my Garmin back together again. All the settings were set back to factory settings. And factory settings suck ass. About the ride, yeah. The ride was pretty epic. It was a real east coast sorta ride. We headed out to the Airport to do our loop out and around, then up through Brighton. The pace was super steady the whole time. No lulls, no bullshitting. Just lots of zone 2. Instead of taking the path back from Brighton, we took Brighton Rd to York through Denver. I headed through LoDo and got caught up in the Broncos game traffic at REI. Stupid Bronco fans. Stop showing up. Your team sucks. I ended up with 95 miles in 4.75 hours and a whopping 2,900 KJs of work. Pretty awesome for no hills. And we ended up riding the coveted east coast Fred’s life’s goal: a 20 mph average for 100 miles. Funny thing about that: we accidentally did it. Silly Freds.

Now I’m sitting on the couch after eating some food and having a delicious cappuccino from our brand new espresso machine (Thanks Lyga family!!) We’re going to head out in a bit and see Black Swan. It’s gonna be awesome!


Written by jlongo12

December 26, 2010 at 2:45 pm

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