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Just Rob Him Yourself Already

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This video is short and to the point. It simply begs the question, “if you aren’t willing to use violence or make threats against peaceful people yourself, why do you take for granted that others are doing this in your name, with your money?” If you aren’t willing to pull a gun to rob Peter in order to give to Paul, then what makes it okay for others (with fancy uniforms or titles) to do the same thing supposedly on your behalf? And if it is okay to to threaten violence against Peter to give to Paul, why would it be immoral to threaten violence against Peter and to give to yourself? Theft is theft. If theft is virtuous in some instances, why not in all instances? What is the distinction in your mind?

Just some questions to ponder. The links they give at the bottom of the page are great primer’s on a voluntary society – where theft and other forms of initiating violence is immoral forever and always, in all circumstances.


Written by jlongo12

December 20, 2010 at 10:31 am

Posted in libertarianism

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