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Weekend Roundup

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Another solid weekend of work on two wheels.

Friday: Rode with Coach Hanna before work. I wanted to do a couple Lookout repeats, with the first effort near full gas – aka, near FTP. First time up, I clocked 261W for 25 minutes and change. Didn’t feel terrible, didn’t feel great. Just kind of meh. But not too bad an effort. Second time up we took it pretty easy. Ended the day with 2.5 hours under the belt.

Saturday: I took the morning off to hang out with my lovely fiancee. We didn’t set the alarm that morning, and what a great feeling that is. When we woke up we headed up to Forza Coffee Company in Westminster. It’s a real cool little place with lots of character. And damn good espresso. We got our Americanos and breakfast sandwiches and just like last time, they were dee-lish. Highly recommend that place. Unfortunately, they only have one location in Colorado. They told me that their Westminster location is their test site, and if it is as successful as they think it will be, they will indeed expand to other Colorado locations. In other words, GO THERE. For our sake.

Anyways, after coming back from the coffee shop, I had to go out for a spin and try out the new steez. I won’t go into that ride again, but it was fun. Lots of zone 2 and easy spinning down south to enjoy the scenery. Ended up with another 2.5 hours.

Sunday: I woke up this morning with a slightly, okay, very upset stomach from all the gorging last night at Mark and Adrienne’s house. I won’t go into the gory details, but I will say this: MANY treats were consumed with total disregard for my well being. Needless to say, I paid the price the following morning, and was unsure I’d make it out to the ride. Fortunately, the ol’ stomach came around by the time I made it out to Golden to meet Jordo and Applebottom. Again the steez impressed me. It was frigid on my way out. I think it was around 22 or 23 degrees when I left. And I ended up riding the whole way out there with my steez fully up and protecting my face. My sweet, innocent, baby bottom of a face. Once we left the ‘Bucks, the cold became more manageable as we climbed our way to Morrison and eventually to High Grade. Jordo split off and Applebottom and I broke off High Grade. I tried to pin it on 230W the whole way up for some solid tempo work. The legs felt great and it ended up being pretty enjoyable  – and stinkin’ warm. After heading down to Conifer to get some treats at the gas station, the wind kicked up into gusts and once again I had to call on the protection of my steez. Thank you steez.

The rest of the ride was fairly uneventful, save for the hairy (read: icy) descent through Tiny Town and 285 N. We took Garrison back home, mostly into a headwind. Logged just under 5 hours with lots and lots of solid tempo work.  I feel like gorging on food everyday while training gives something akin to ENERGY LEGS.

Weekend totals: 10 hours, lots of KJs, lots of tempo, some solid LT work, and one face-saving steez. Epic.

It’s been three solid weeks of work in a row so now I’m ready to take a mini-break before this coming weekend. I deserve it.


Written by jlongo12

December 12, 2010 at 6:30 pm

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