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Steez, part 2

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Today’s ride was a revelation. I decided to head out for a couple hours just to stretch the legs and see how my new 3 in 1 solution works out. And survey says… AWESOME (and steezy).

This might have been the only ride I’ve ever had where I actually wanted some wind in my face. I headed down to Wash Park and took Franklin further south to Dartmouth, which to my glee was quite windy east to west. I took Dartmouth east to have the wind at my back first. Then looped around to take Yale back west to have a straight headwind. It was perfect. Not only did I have a straight headwind, but I was also going downhill – this is the norm for riding around here for some reason – descending with a headwind. I went from having my steez around my neck, to fully pulled up over my mouth and nose and just under my eyes.

This is what the steez looks like fully on:


Anyways, it works quite well, even when pulled up over my nose and mouth. I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to breathe well and/or my glasses would fog with each breath I took. Fortunately, when pulled all the way up, there is room made over my mouth for breathing via my big Italian nose. Thank goodness for big noses.

I definitely recommend checking it out, or anything that is versatile like my steez is. It’s easy to pull down and up, and doesn’t inhibit breathing like you might think. And the best part – NO RED FACE! Hooray for steez.


Written by jlongo12

December 11, 2010 at 3:53 pm

Posted in cycling

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  1. […] back from the coffee shop, I had to go out for a spin and try out the new steez. I won’t go into that ride again, but it was fun. Lots of zone 2 and easy spinning down south to enjoy the scenery. Ended up with […]

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